Automotive Simulation

AutoSim is a project that provides an interface between UWA's electric race car and industry-leading simulation software in order to create an immersive and realistic simulation of car racing.
The simulation is displayed on an array of three 23" HD LCD monitors mounted in front of the vehicle. Hall effect sensors have been attached to the vehicle's throttle, brake and steering wheel, with their outputs being passed through a microcontroller to the computer running the simulation. A set of software drivers accurately interpret and convert these sensor outputs to a form that emulates a game controller, and can be used to control the in-game vehicle. Wireless buttons have also been attached to the car's steering wheel to further increase the AutoSim system's realism by allowing gear shifts.
The system boots straight into a menu where you can use the car's controls to choose which of the two simulation applications you would like to use, so you can drive straight into the action.