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The second REV plug-in electric conversion project was started in 2009. It is a four-wheel, two-seater high-performance car, based based on a Lotus Elise S2, 2002 model. The car has undergone extensive alteration to accomodate batteries, wiring, motor and associated instrumentation.

Project stage 1: March - Oct. 2009: removal of ICE components, installation of electric motor, controller, batteries, drive system

Project stage 2: March - Oct. 2010: reinforcement of rear vehicles structure to carry 83 batteries, electrical wiring, prototyping of new battery management system and interfacing to automotive PC, engine sound generator.


Base Vehicle: 2002 Lotus Elise S2, manual, 2-seater
Drivetrain: 5sp manual. rear wheel drive.
Controller: UQM Powerphase75, 75kW
Batteries: 83 ThunderSky Lithium Ion Phosphate LFP60AHA 3.2V
Voltage: 266 V
Capacity: 16 kWh
Max continuous current, power: 180A, 48kW
Charger: Brusa NLG5
Charging Time: 6 hours (full charge)
Range: 100 km (road tested)
Top Speed: 200+ km/h (estimate)
Seating: 2 passengers, 2 doors
Curb Weight 936 kg (780kg petrol car)
Computer/DAQ: Automotive PC
Instrum./Display: Touchscreen LCD
Bat. Management:
Neubronner Electronics
Black Box: UWA Development

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