REV Electric Jet Ski

The REV Project will be converting a traditional petrol jet ski to electric. All the fun on the water without the noise and pollution.


Base Vehicle: 2008 Seadoo 4-TEC
Drivetrain: Custom built 3 phase AC motor by SME
Controller: Curtis 1238
Batteries: Headway 38120 10Ah cell, arranged in a 30s8p configuartion. Giving a total pack of 96V and 80Ah.
Voltage: 96V Nominal
Capacity: 7.6kWh
Max current, power: theoretical: 600a and 50kw. Full power tests are still to be conducted.
Max power to date: Approx 450A giving 40kw.
Charger: GWL/Power Charger 96V/25A
Charging Time: Approx: 3 hours
Range: Approx: 25mins
Top Speed: 41km/h (so far we havn't conducted our full speed tests).
Seating: 1 or 2 passengers, no doors
Curb Weight 520kg (original 390kg)
Bat. Management:
EV Works