Electric Ford Focus

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Participants of the WA Electric Vehicle Trial requested a large base car than a Getz, which was finally let to the selection of the Ford Focus sedan as the trial's base car. Although the original plan was to perform all EV conversions at The University of Western Australia, for both legal and capacity reasons, EV conversion design and manufacturing had been given to Perth-based company EV Works, while UWA/REV maintains a consulting and supervisory role.

The first two a series of eleven converted Ford Focus had been delivered in Nov. 2010 the WA Department of Transport and the RAC of WA. The remaining nine cars followed in early 2011.


Base Vehicle: 2011 Ford Focus Sedan, manual, 5-seater
Motor: Netgain Impulse 9
Drivetrain: 5sp manual. front wheel drive.
Controller: EVnetics Soliton1
Batteries: 45 ThunderSky Lithium Ion Phosphate LFP160AHA 3.2V 160Ah
Voltage: 144 V
Capacity: 23 kWh
Max current, power: 480A, 80kW
Charger: Protech 5kW dual mode (single- three-phase)
DC-DC: Iota DLS-55 (single- three-phase)
Charging Time: slow: 10 hours, fast: 3 hours (full charge)
Brake Assist: Electric vacuum pump
Power Steering: Electric power steering pump (Focus standard)
Heater: electric heating element
AirCon: Drive motor turning over AC unit
Range: 130 km
Top Speed: 130 km/h
Seating: 5 Passengers, 5 doors
Curb Weight (identical to petrol car)
Computer/DAQ: none
Instrum./Display: Ziva fuel gauge actuation
Bat. Status: EV Power
Bat. Management: EV Power

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