The REView portal is web based software package that collects statistics from electric vehicle trackers, charging stations and renewable energy resources, then performs automatic statistical evaluations and presents the results to users in a meaningful and informative way. We find that by illuminating the user’s patterns we can motivate them to reduce their carbon emissions and educate people about zero emission transportation. The portal, charging station network and vehicle tracking was designed and implemented by Stuart Speidel, a Software Engineering PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Thomas Braunl. REView is provided to users for free by the University of Western Australia for generating research data for study and analysis. The statistics generated allow drivers and fleet managers to monitor their vehicles efficiency and energy use, charging station owners to monitor the effectiveness and usage of their stations and station users to monitor their energy usage and costs. This information is available in several ways, including live mobile phone web applications, desktop web applications and data exporting and printing.

REView is a combination of two different projects:
• The West Australian Electric Vehicle (EV) trial, Australia’s First, consisting of eleven locally converted EVs owned by various businesses and government agencies.
• The installation of the West Australian Charging Station network, Western Australia’s First, a set of 23 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging outlets which are made available to the public.

REView is currently monitoring vehicles, charging stations and solar installations around Western Australia 24/7, with new statistics generated for users every half hour.

REView does:

• Tracking and monitoring
Only software to integrate energy usage, charging stations and renewable technology

• Billing and support
With the biggest user base in Western Australia


• Automated billing
• Can bill individual users, vehicles, station owners
• Descriptive usage information
• Community comparison

Vehicle Tracking

• Fleets can see their vehicles
• View whole history instantly
• Monitor Usage including energy
• View Current location and battery level
• Highlight charging and driving events

Station Statistics

• Usage information
• Cost information
• Live status
• Individual and community usage information