Data Logging Overview

We are automatically collecting data from EVs as well as from charging stations. All trial EVs are equipped with black boxes that store sensor data and transmit it via the GSM network. Recorded/transmitted sensor data includes the vehicle's GPS position, charge status, current, voltage, and activation of heater/ air-conditioner/ head lights. All EV fast-charging stations transmit usage data via the GSM network in order to reliably produce energy consumption data. Recorded/transmitted data includes the starting and termination time of a charging event, as well as the amount of energy used.

km and kWh per month (All time)

Number of station charges (All time)

Greatest distance travelled in one day (All time)Average Vehicle Usage (All time)

kWh used over 24 hours at charging stations (All time)Time spent charging (All time)

kWh used charging vehicles at different locations (All Time)